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Meditation Music VS New Age Music - What's The Difference?

Meditation Music VS New Age Music - What

Of course, there is a lot of drifty dreamy chill out type "new age music" about, featuring whales and rain and little brooks and all kinds of things. Of course, we enjoy those very much but how is actual "meditation music" different from the general run of the mill new age ambient music?

The answer is simple.

In order to write or compose real meditation music, the composer has to understand the processes of meditation and trance, first of all.

It is not enough to be a talented musician, composer and artist alone; a composer of meditation music must also be an experienced guided meditation teacher and most likely, accomplished healer and hypnotist in their own right.

There are many reasons for this; the most important one is that the music has to be designed to do a job on this occasion.

The music is not at center stage; this is not about how clever or beautiful the music ITSELF happens to be.

In meditation music, it is the experience of the listener as they enter into their OWN meditation that is the most important part of the experience. Therefore, meditation music takes a guiding role, but it is only a supporting role to help the person who is using this tool have THEIR OWN amazing and enlightening experiences.

Meditative states and "trance" is the purpose and outcome of true meditation music, and the composer sets to work holding this in mind as the first directive in creating these special musical forms we know as real meditation music.

Experts in energy work, meditation and trance who also compose music are a rare combination, and we are very lucky to have three such individuals in Nicola Quinn, Ananga Sivyer and Silvia Hartmann. All are experienced healers, teachers, authors and international presenters on modern energy and energy psychology. These gifted women also use advanced techniques known as energy magic "Art Solutions" to create unique and powerful healing music, meditation music, and also guided meditations and energy hypnosis programs.

So and to answer our starting question of "What is the difference between real meditation music and new age music" it is simply that for real meditation music, we need an experienced meditation guide as the composer who creates these works of healing art with support for the meditator in mind, and the knowledge and skills to weave sound forms to create trance and altered mind states especially for the purpose of meditation.



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