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Meditation Music For Healers & For Healing: LightWorks

Meditation Music For Healers & For Healing: LightWorks

Just released - a brand new, fantastic composition especially designed to play during healing sessions, for healers, energy healers, therapists and workshop leaders.

This is healing music in its own right which creates a circle of safety for healing meditations, guided meditations, in workshops during exercises, healing circles, and also as healing meditation music in self healing.

LightWorks by Dr Silvia Hartmann comes in two editions:

The Professional Edition, containing four versions of LightWorks of different lengths, from 15 minutes to the full 60 minutes;

and the Self Help Edition for self healing, healing meditations and anywhere where deep, resonant healing meditation music is needed and wanted.

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LightWorks is a modern, excellent healing music tool, created by a composer who has 30 years experience with energy work, clients and workshops and who knows what a healer needs to be free to be the best that they can be.

Highly recommended.

Meditation Music LightWorks Self Healing Meditation Music For Healers, Therapists, Workshop Leaders: LightWorks Professional

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