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Meditation Music Composers

Meditation Music Composers

The Music Of Ananga Sivyer

Composer Ananga Sivyer, Bringing Sound Healing To The World

Sound, vibration, energy and the effects on the human energy system have been Ananga's fascination for as long as she can remember.

In composing the original soundscapes, each one a highly original and absolutely unique work of art in its own right, Ananga has challenged herself to create a fusion of her art as a musician, and her science as an Ayurvedic energy master.

Living instruments, live performances, living responses - just a small sample of Ananga Sivyer's tools of transformationHypnoDreams is all about healing change and PERSONAL development - and this has to be highly personal, deeply personal and speak to human beings.

It has to be emotional, it has to be FELT as well as heard, and to this end Ananga uses an extraordinary range of traditional instruments, used in holy ceremonies of healing, dance and celebration across time and all the world.

Rising from the tapestry of living sound of the HypnoDreams, HypnoSolutions and Sonic Solutions soundscapes you will find:

African udu drums as well as mrdunga, doumbek, djembe, darabouka, dragon skin and Egyptian tabla drums;

Chinese Bamboo Flute, Trevor James Flute, Bahu Chinese Reed Flute, Chinese Tiger Bamboo Xiao, Japanese Shakuhachi, Irish Folk Flute, Transverse Bamboo Shakuhachi, Been Snake Charmer Flute, Storyteller Native American Flute, Bansuri Indian Bamboo Flute, Chinese Bamboo Dizi Membrane Flute, Rosewood Fife, handmade clay Peruvian Ocarina, Native American Traditional Cocus Wood Flute;

Live percussion which includes karatalas & talis hand cymbals, bean pod shahers, rainstick, thumb piano, african chimes, bell chimes;

And further still, a truly astonishing variety of further instruments including an electric Fender Stratocaster guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, Indian Harmonium to name but a few.

In her fantastic sonic evocations, Ananga doesn't just rely on traditional instruments in their ordinary form. With the advent of sonic enhancements and deep range synthesizers, as well as the ability to sample real living sound such as thunderstorms, waves upon the shore and the sound a small stone might make when it settles at the bottom of a still lake, Ananga has within her reach a truly unprecedented treasure trove of sound experiences, a palette that is wider and broader than was ever possible before in human history.

And yet, each sound existence and each movement, each melody and every strand of these multi-dimensional soundscapes is placed with the most delicate care.

This is NOT just music, but music for very specific purpose - namely to wake up the aspects of a human being that cannot be reached by words alone, to physically touch the energy system on many levels and offer nourishment, charge and sustenance where there was previously none.

Delightful, compassionate, challenging and enlivening, Ananga Sivyer's art and brilliant dedication to help bring change and healing to the World is her unique contribution; this is living art and intention at work, as her research, exploration and mastery of sound and energy continues to unfold.

The Music Of Nicola Quinn

Composer Nicola Quinn

Classically trained pianist and composer Nicola Quinn is also the co-developer of EmoTrance Energy Healing, author of the best selling self help guide "Life Without Panic Attacks" and life long teacher and lecturer on energy, healing and personal development.

Nicola Quinn's first album "Star Music" was released in 2008. She has continued to create truly magical music that resonates and stimulates especially the psychic circuitry in the human energy body.

The Music Of Silvia Hartmann

Composer Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann, creator of Project Sanctuary, EmoTrance and Events Psychology, started to compose music as a direct result of research into Art Solutions and the application of practical creativity to a wide range of healing, creative and artistic modalities.

Silvia's first album "Altar Ego" was released in 2006. She describes it as "stories told in music, energy movements, sounds you feel as well as hear".

With extensive experience as a guided meditation teacher and hypnotist, Silvia Hartmann is an expert in trance and altered states of mind, as well as energy work. Her meditation music, other compositions and outstanding guided meditation continue to push forward the frontier of what we can do with our minds, bodies and our emotions.

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